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The last few months saw a complete shift in our lives and and the way we work. As a consequence, people have moved their focus to their immediate space –  their home, which is a place they live in and now also work from.  Here are some ideas and inspiration from Antidote to create your perfect work space at home.

A desk and chair are essentials but how to create the ultimate inspirational environment and the perfect home office? Antidote founders, Laure Parise and Najeh Zimmermann share some art ideas to help you create the perfect home office.

Tip 1: A combination of artworks displayed salon style

Right : “Temporary Deformation” by Farah Salem 
Top left: “I see a Premonition #13” by Imrana Tanver
Bottom middle: “Bunny Tales & Tea Party series” by Sarah Mumtaz
Bottom right: “Portrait #16” Mohamed Rabie

Tip 2: Limited addition prints, an affordable option





“Mini Skate aux fleurs” by Daniel Farioli

Tip 3: Bright colours to boost your creativity

Left: “Untitled” by Martin Reyna     Right: “Villa dei Misteri Pompeï” by Daniel Farioli


Tip 4: Peaceful landscapes to destress and calm your senses












‘South of France” by Antoine Grospiron-Jaccoux


Tip 5: The right light to brighten your space








Pran lamp collection by Position Collective

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