Aamir Habib’s art pieces reflect on the current geopolitical situation in Pakistan and offers powerful truths with a witty and humorous twist. Having been personally affected by the play of politics in the region, Habib tackles these heavy issues with a light-heartedness, always juxtaposing somber realities with hope.

The work of Noor Ali Chagani highlights the traditional role of the male in Pakistan’s society and questions the notion of patriarchy. Using the metaphor of a built structure to symbolize masculinity, power and wealth, Chagani deconstructs that very structure and presents us with isolated, fractured elements, which on their own present a very different reality.

Farazeh Syed’s reflective paintings address issues of gender politics, creating an alternative narrative to the traditional role of the woman in Eastern society. Often dark and mysterious, it is the empowered female who dominates Syed’s imagery. Drawing upon ancient Indian art and folk texts – where ‘woman’ is the active and authoritative protagonist and her own biography for inspiration, Syed creates bold satirical narratives that are imbued with subtle sexual undertones

Imrana Tanveer’s rich, hand-woven tapestry like art pieces incorporate weaving and textile design. Tanveer addresses issues of identity and culture, using metaphors and patterns in her practice. Taking Western Art iconography and subverting the message by plotting it in a local context and imbuing it a completely new meaning, Tanveer creates multilayered, complex imagery reflecting what can be interpreted as absurdity of irreverence.