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Originally from Argentina, Agustina, has been back in Houston, Texas for a few months, after enjoying 7 years in Dubai with her lovely family.

Interested in art from a young age, in 2012, she was given the opportunity to work in the art world and she jumped ships from the Corporate world. Moving to the Middle East in 2014 she took a liaison role, bringing Contemporary and Masters of Latin American Art to the region. We asked her to share her passion for art and how she enjoyed discovering the Middle East Art Scene.


Q. Tell us about yourself, where do you live and what made this place home for you?

A. I have lived in Dubai for 7 years and we felt at home since the day we arrived. The cultural diversity, the food scene, the utopian skyline and the unbelievable desert with those sunsets, its so special. One of our kids was born here and the other arrived being 2 months old so this place is very dear to us.

We also got exposed to so much amazing art from this side of the world. Dubai opened our eyes to the other half of the world, and once you see that, you will always come back for more.


Agustina with Oliver & Mathilda

Didier Naert Original Composition vintage photograph & gouache


Q. What are you looking forward to in the next chapter of your life

A. As we are relocating back to the US, I am looking forward to get the family settled with the smoothest transition possible. Also start working on our new house, specially planning the hanging of the art, always my favorite part. I will also work on some personal development opportunities (lifelong learner here!) and exploring new job paths.

I am also excited about witnessing historical time, and teach my kids now to be respectful, engaged and loving citizens in a society tat needs to change the paradigm towards inclusion and equality.



Agustina Rastelli says

“There is nothing wrong with buying a piece of art because its aesthetically appealing. People always try to give a very ‘deep’ explanation for their purchases. If you love it, don’t waste your time.”


Curtis Gannon original mixed media


Q. What inspires you?

A. Most places and people inspire me. We love to travel, and we draw a lot from those experiences. Also reading and the internet. I discover so many amazing and unexpected things. The quarantine days were great for that. Museums, foundations, artists and people in general put out such great content. I was able to put a little list of artists, places and artworks I want to keep on exploring.

Q. What pulls you to a piece when you are buying an artwork?

A. It is so hard to pinpoint only one thing that draws me to an artwork. Sometimes it’s the story behind it, or my love for the artist, the colours, or because it’s just plain beautiful. There is nothing wrong with buying a piece of art because its aesthetically appealing. People always try to give a very ‘deep’ explanation for their purchases. If you love it, don’t waste your time.


Philip Mueller painting

Bernhard Buhmanns oil on canvas & Oliver’s robot 


Q. When did you start acquiring art?

A. I remember going to auction houses with my parents when I was very young.  They love collecting art but also antique furniture so they were always on a quest. I remember loving that adrenaline rush of finding the perfect piece and doing anything to get it. My first piece was a small work by an unknown Argentine artist from the 1850s I bought when I was 14. And as you well know, it’s a one-way ticket.


Q. Why is collecting art important to you?

A. Collecting is important to me because I want to be close to art. I discover so many things in my pieces that I had not seen before. We love looking at them with my kids, making up stories and spook my friends with some of my pieces! Jokes aside, I love learning about new artists, following the work of the ones I know and I also want to support the ecosystem. We love going to galleries, fairs, artists studios, spend time and learn from everyone. For us collecting is an immersive experience, and you get to keep the piece in the end.


Joëlle Verstraëten monoprint series “Music paper” & Tahir Mahmood colorful Mortar & Pestle design piece


Mathilda & Oliver 


Q. What do you like about Antidote?

A. I have been a big advocate of Antidote since the beginning. Unlike many platforms, I like how Antidote offers such a big array of different media, artists and pieces, while keeping a strong curatorial focus. I can see there is a reason behind every choice. I saw the exhausting selection process of every piece and it definitely shows. I also love the design part of the platform, so many amazing objects from all parts of the world. And of course I love the democratization of the acquiring process. So many people want to buy art and feel intimidated by galleries or fairs, so this way they can access to more information of pieces that they like, learn about the artist without any pressure. Antidote is also proof that art does not need to be expensive to be good! There is always a good artwork in your price range waiting for you!


Najeh Zimmermann, Antidote co-founders & Agustina 


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