About Zoya Manan

Zoya Manan is a contemporary artist based in Lahore, Pakistan. Through her distinct art practice, Zoya finds catharsis to deal with cerebral palsy. Painting is what helps keep her sanity intact especially in 2020 when the year kept unfolding into a series of inexplicable events. All these events lead to an evolution that was seen first in her series‘Breaking the Prism’ where the viewer was introduced to her concept of constructing, deconstruction and reconstruction using bold and rich mediums, colors and textures. Another series produced earlier, ‘ Conflicting Chronicles’ dealt with striking a balance through an assemblage of figures ,patterns and solid colors, hence, initiating a dialogue between the works from each series. Her recent series ‘Realm Of Reflection’ is her response to this dialogue and portrays the essence of human nature highlighting the various complexities and layers that hide behind the facade.

Zoya is a graduate of the National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan. Her work has been exhibited at the Taseer Art Gallery Lahore 2014-2019, Alhamra Art Complex Lahore 2013, Anayahh Art Gallery Dubai 2017, My Art World Gallery Islamabad 2015-2018, Full Circle Gallery Karachi 2019 , World Bank Islamabad 2020



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