• Martin Reyna

    Martin Reyna

    Painting | France

  • Martin Reyna

    Martin Reyna

    Painting | France

About Martin Reyna

Martin Reyna (b.1964) in Buenos Aires, lives and works in Paris. He has been the subject of many solo and group exhibitions internationally, including at the Teodora Gallery in Paris, Artemisa Gallery in New York and Knokke-Zoute Gallery in Belgium, amongst others. Reyna has been the recipient of several awards, including the Chandon Prize at ARTEBA in Argentina, Grant of Arts from Antorchas Foundation in Buenos Aires, Jean-Francois Millet Prize for Painting from SIAP in France, Costantini Prize from MNBA Buenos Aires, Nuevo Mundo Foundation Prize and Gunther Prize for Painting from CAYC in Buenos Aires.

Martin Reyna’s paintings embody and expand upon the artist’s ongoing exploration of landscape, architecture and light. His brightly coloured inks are spread and diluted through dynamic and careful gestures that create a sense of control and freedom all at once. Through meticulous drips and pours, Reyna controls the brush strokes to create a convergence of other-worldly space. The vibrant colours shimmer and create a dichotomy of spatial perspective that becomes especially evident through his diptych and polyptych works.

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MACRO, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Rosario, Argentina
Centro Cultural Cándido Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
SIAP De Valognes, Valognes, Francia
Deutsche Bank Collection, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Moët Chandon Collection, Buenos Aires. Argentina
MAC. Museo de Arte Contempóraneo de Lima. Peru

Selected Solo & Group Exhibitions

La bibliothèque, Bibliothèque médical Henri Ey del Centre Hospitalier Sainte-Anne, Paris, France

‘En Suspension’, Solo Show, Galerie Teodora, Paris, France
YIA Art Fair, Gallery Teodora, Paris, France
‘Mixité’, Galerie Teodora, Paris, France
‘L’art et ses objets’, Trames, Gallery Eposodique, Paris
Buens Aires Photo, Gallery Vasari, Buenos Aires, Argentina

‘Shadows in the Water’, Galería Artemisa, New York, USA
Galería Del Paseo, Punta del Este, Uruguay
Artroom: Collective Loft, Antidote Art & Design, Dubai, UAE
Abstractions plurielles, abstractions en question, Centre Culturel de Charenton, France
Diagonal Sur, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina

‘Fugues’, Galerie Teodora, Paris, France
ARTBO ’15, Galería Del Infinito. Bogotá, Colombia
ARTEBA ’15, Galería Del Infinito, Buenos Aires, Argentina Kentler Celebrates 25, Kentler International
‘Drawing Space’, New York, USA
‘Mixété’, Galerie Teodora, Paris, France

Galería Argentina, Embajada Argentina, Paris, France
Les grisaille tavelées, Argentinian Gallery. Paris, France Universus, Galería Del Infinito, Buenos Aires, Argentina
ARTEBA ’14, Galería Del Infinito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Perspectiva Asturiana, Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Paris
ARTEBA 13, Galería Del Infinito Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina PARC 2013, Galeriía Del Infinito Arte Lima Peru
Galería Del Paseo, Punta del Este, Uruguay

En el horizonte del color, Del Infinito galeria de arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Del Infinito galería de arte, Bogotá, Colombia
A l’horizon de la couleur, MGE Gallery, Paris, France

Hogar Collection Gallery, New York, USA

Prizes, Grants, Awards

Chandon Prize. ARTEBA, Galería del Infinito. Buenos Aires. Argentina

Fundación Antorchas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Jean-François Millet Prize of Paintings. SIAP of Valognes. France
Honorific Mention, Premio Costantini, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fundación Nuevo Mundo, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos
Aires, Argentina



Selected Press

November 2015
María Laura Avignolo, Martín Reyna: Los caprichos del agua, Clarín, suplemento Ñ, Buenos Aires

June 2015
Leticia Mello, Martín Reyna, El color como manifiesto de acción, Arte al límite, Santiago de Chile

August 2014
Nathalie Kantt, Martín Reyna, un argentino en Paris, La Nación, Suplemento ADN Cultura, Buenos Aires

October 2012
Celina Chatruc, Martín Reyna, en el camino, La Nación, Suplemento ADN Cultura, Buenos Aires



You are known for your work around color, why and when did you start working with black &white?


I came around black and white at a time when I was saturated from the colors I used. It was a liberation, and a sort of rebirth for me.


Is your approach of B&W works different from your colorful ones ?


Painting and color are one way to speak. If I decide on using black and white, it is because I have decided beforehand to express myself in a certain way. So yes, my approach to black and white is different from color.


What are your inspirations ? Nature, the city …?


When I think in color, or in black and white (black and white still being colors), I do not think about objects, which are overpowered by color. However, when I paint at my workshop, I am often soaked in the city’s perception, and in Nature’s if I am painting outdoors.


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