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Marium Agha (Born 1982, Karachi, Pakistan) studied Painting and Indo-Persian Miniature Painting from the Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan, receiving her BFA in 2006. Thereafter she earned a Master’s in Fine Art from the University of the Art’s London, Central Saint Martin’s in 2009. She completed a short course in Curating Contemporary Art from the Chelsea School of Art and Design, University of the Arts London in 2009. Agha has developed an original approach, incorporating elements of popular culture and theory in dialogue while deconstructing the historical narrative of love in imagery. Agha’s art confronts and interrogates the given real and supposed representational that surrounds the trajectories outlined by borrowed cultures and ideals of self and others.
Working in the medium of tapestries, drawings and installations, Agha creates artworks that are a physical manifestation of our globalized sensibilities. Agha’s primary materials are thread, fabric and found imagery which she uses to deconstruct an ideology in hopes to write a newer narrative.

Significant Group Exhibitions:

2021: ‘Archival Memory’ Gandhara art gallery, Karachi

2020: ‘Wearable Variable’, Canvas Gallery, Karachi

2020: ‘1×1’ Antidote Art and Design, Dubai

2020:  Full Circle Gallery, Karachi

2020:  O Art Space, Lahore

2018: ‘Objects We Behold’, AAN Gandhara Art Space, Karachi

2018: ‘She in South Asia: An Artistic Expression Collected from 8 SAARC Countries, Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata

2017: ‘Archival Achemy’, Abrons Art Centre, NewYork

2016: ‘Sown Together’, Aicon Gallery New York.

2012: ‘Amsterdam Showcase, De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

2012: ‘Attaining Heights’, VM ART Gallery, Karachi.

2011: ‘Barcelona Showcase, Casa Battlo, Barcelona

2011: Faiz Art Prize, Frere Hall, Karachi

2011: Screaming Whispers, Rohtas Gallery, Islamabad

2011: ‘Parrhesia’ IVS Gallery, Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture’

2010: No Honor in Killing – Making Visible Buried Truth, Karachi

2010: ‘Tea House’, Poppy Seed Gallery, Karachi.

2010: ‘HomePage’ ArtChowk Gallery, Karachi.

2018: ‘Small Histories: Memory as Practice, Memory as Ethics’, Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata

Solo Shows:

2019: ‘An Empheral Culture of Love – A Survey, Taseer Art Gallery, Lahore

  • An Empheral Culture of Love surveys the relentless nature of found images in collages of our own making; and in this process, we keep altering the interpretation of a simple image and disciplining reality. A process that testifies to time’s relentless melt –

excerpt from the artist statement


2017: ‘Modern Love’, Taseer Art Gallery, Lahore

  • Modern Love investigates the semantic trouble with the word Love and its usage to refer to anyone of several distinct entities. Making love, being in Love, love of God, mankind, mother … only to wonder if there is a problem with the question, or this sentence employs no definite answer. The unruly concept of this word lies in its interpretation, the given real and supposed representational – one tends to glorify love as a means of attaining salvation.

        excerpt from the artist statement


2016: ‘But My Dear This Is Not Wonderland and You Are Not Alice’, Curated by Amra Ali, Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi

  • And what was that I delighted in, but to love, and to be loved? But I kept not the measure of love, of mind to mind friendship’s bright boundary; but out of the muddy concupiscence of the flesh, and the bubbling’s of youth, mist fumed up which beclouded and overcast my heart… I was tossed about, and wasted, and dissipated, and I boiled over in my fornifications – The Confession of St Augustine

excerpt from the artist statement

2016: ‘Eat My Heart Out’, Artifact Gallery, NewYork

  • Clouds arose from the slimy desire of the flesh and from youth’s seething spring. They clouded over and darkened my soul, so that I could not distinguish the calm light of chaste love from the fog of lust. Both kind of affection burned confusedly within me and swept my feeble youth over the crags of desire and plunged me into a whirlpool of shameful deeds. Your Wrath was raised above me, but I knew it not. I had been deafened by the clanking chains of morality, the penalty of my pride of soul – The confession of St Augustine

        excerpt from the artist statement

Curated Shows:

2010: ‘HomePage’, ArtChowk Gallery, Karachi

A show curated to encompass the diversity of five international artist rewriting the narrative of home, away from home.





Upcoming Shows:

2021: February, Solo show, Antidote Art Gallery, Dubai

2021: November, Group Show, So Arty Art Gallery, Paris, France

She was nominated for the Abraaj Capital Art prize in 2012-2013.




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