• Majid Alyousef

    Majid Alyousef

    Painting, Prints | Dubai

  • Majid Alyousef

    Majid Alyousef

    Painting, Prints | Dubai

About Majid Alyousef

Since early childhood, Majid Alyousef has been especially drawn towards the arts and creative expression. His interest began with drawing, painting and calligraphy.

He followed the traditional path set by master calligraphers and was very keen on acquiring the necessary skills and techniques taught by the best. However with time, effort and enthusiasm towards innovation, he began carving his own path and setting his own trademark upon his creative work. He developed a very unique contemporary visual style that pushes the boundaries and transformed Arabic letters into a pure abstract form that can communicate with everyone, even those who don’t speak Arabic.

Majid has participated in several exhibitions around the world, he taught calligraphy and typography in various art institutions, universities and colleges. He continues to offer his services to internationally reputable branding and advertising agencies, working on Award winning projects for design houses and corporate clients.

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Dubai International Calligraphy Exhibition

Gallery Ward, Dubai

Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial
Dubai Arabic Calligraphy Center, Al Muhaqqaq Exhibition
Street Art Gallery, Dubai

Ara Gallery Exhibition
Pro Art Gallery exhibition

Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial
Pro Art Gallery exhibition

Letters of Light, Tashkeel, Dubai
Sharjah Islamic Art Festival


MA degree in Interactive Design and Game Development: Savannah College of Art and Design. GA, USA

BFA in Fine Arts: College of Fine Arts. Baghdad, Iraq


My work addresses the intersection between language and Abstraction. I have been practicing and experimenting with the craft of Arabic calligraphy for more than 25 years. Although I am a calligrapher, I consider myself to be a contemporary visual artist first because I am marrying the demanding classical scripts with explorative abstract art. While I retain certain stalwart of calligraphy to emphasize its form and aesthetic values, my compositions also take a journey that is inspired by the philosophies behind Cubism and Futurism, and architectural qualities of the Bauhaus school.

I deeply identify with the Renaissance notion of the artist as intellectual and although I am also a designer in another arena of my life, each of my fine art pieces contains a densely encoded intention, which is equally rooted in methodical precision and expansive thought.

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