About Jean-Baptiste Lyonnet

“Painters, surprising travelers” – Charles Baudelaire.

On the one hand nature, raw, in its original state, and on the other, a growing civilization with its increasingly disproportionate and omnipresent architecture.
This duality has nourished my inspiration and my work, making me question the relationship we have with space and the way we understand it.

The emotion felt when we face raw strength of natural elements, in coexistence with the vibrant complexity of cities reminds us of the fragile balance of our cohabitation.
I seek to restore in my canvases these sensations and emotions, trying to capture the fleeting light, to follow the flight of clouds, to enter the metropolis.
Without a sketch or a preconceived plan, I look for the right moment, the vision that will assert itself with certainty onto the canvas.
I paint the sky, the ocean, the rocks and its dust, the buildings and their reflections, coming from the nebulous world of memory and dreams, remaining faithful to the delicate passage from the inside to the outside that guides the gesture and this my inner reality.

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Group Exhibition

Le Briscope, Brignais 2020.

Galerie Estades Lyon 2019/2020

Installations at program « in » International Design Biennale, Saint-Étienne, March/April 2019

dem’Art Saint-Etienne October 2018

Salon des créateurs, Chazelles-sur-Lyon, December 2017.

Salon Tony Tollet, Lyon, November 2017.

SLBA, Palais Bondy, Lyon, May 2017.

Appa art gallery, Madrid, November Decembre 2016, January 2017.

Le FLUX LIBRE, Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert, October 2016.

Alchimie”, Galerie Natalia Gomendio, Paris, December 2015

“The artroom villa 21”, Dubaï, March 2015.

“Urbanité versus paysage”, Boissière + Gomendio, art contemporain, Paris, June 2013.

Résidency, “Sous le signe de l’éphémère”, Le Mixeur, Cité du Design de Saint-Etienne, September 2013.

Personal Exhibition

Château de Ternay, November 2018.

Atome projets, Saint-Étienne, June 2018.

Espace Beaulieu, Centre Culturel d’Annecy, November 2017

“Dérive”, Galerie Valérie Peter, Bordeaux, October 2015.

“les sens du beau” International Design Biennale, Saint-Étienne, March 2015.

“Sol Invictus”, Galerie Natalia Gomendio, Paris, September/ October 2014.

“Entre ciel et mers”, Lyon, May 2013.

” Aux abords”, Galerie le Vieux Colombier, Saint-Etienne, biennale de Design, March 2013.

“Paradoxe Poétique”, Galerie Wade Wilson, Houston TEXAS May 2012.

Auction “L’art dans la vie “,  Boissière + Gomendio, art contemporain, Paris, in the benefit of foundation Paul Parquet, April 2013.



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