• Arvind Sundar

    Arvind Sundar

    Mixed media | India

  • Arvind Sundar

    Arvind Sundar

    Mixed media | India

About Arvind Sundar

Arvind Sundar’s work navigated painted space from the geometry of the grid. Contesting its apparent neutrality, Sundar employs the materiality of paint, screen printing and found supports to engage the grid as a performative site. Through push-pull negotiations between drawn lines and colour-fields, Sundar undoes the notion of the picture plane, offering renewed indexes of spatial reference.

These drawings are results of experimentation with the notion of “construction of a painting”. These drawings deal with space in relation to geometry, perspective, grid and color. These drawings are constructed by bringing together parts and whole of several drawings. I was really interested in Max Ernst idea of collage filling a lyrical space between the gap of two(or more) realities. The grid and the drawing forms a relationship of binary opposition. There is a constant shift in suggestion of spaces as the grid suggests flatness and the diagonals spatial depth. Color acts as a catalyst in further defining the space. The shaped canvas design is the result of exploration of geometrical possibilities in a grid. Some of the drawings deal with the space by engaging with the corners and ceilings of the architecture. I see these drawings as an aftermath of the actions between color, perspective, grid and geometry.

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2011-14 B.Sc in Visual Communication, Loyola College, Madras university (Gold Medalist)
2014-15 M.Sc in Visual Communication, Loyola College, Madras University (withdrawn in good standing)
2015-16 Prior Degree Course, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
2016-18 MFA Painting and Drawing, University of Cincinnati (Full tuition scholarship and stipend) (outstanding student of the batch)
2019 National Eligibility Test (NET) for Assistant professorship and
Junior research Fellowship in Visual Arts (99.96 percentile)


2013-14 Design Internee, Art Department, Ogilvy and Mather, Chennai, India

2012-13 Drawing classes for children, Community Services, Loyola College
Teaching Assistant, University of Cincinnati (Introduction to contemporary art and visual culture)

2016-17 Teaching Assistant, University of Cincinnati (professional practices)

2017-18 Technician, University of Cincinnati (Department of Printmaking)

2017-18 Graduate Instructor, Dept. of Printmaking (intro to screenprinting)

2017-18 Reviewer, Foundation studio review, University of Cincinnati

2017 Reviewer, Sophomore review, University of Cincinnati

2018 Adjunct Professor, School of Art, University of Cincinnati (Advanced painting and Intermediate drawing)

2018 Guided Independent study: 1

2019-20 Assistant Professor, Department of Vocational studies, Loyola College, Chennai (Basics of drawing, Advanced Drawing and Storyboarding, Human Anatomy, Film studies)


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