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    For her first online solo exhibition, Karachi based artist Imrana Tanveer presents a segment from her series ‘I see a Premonition’. This body of work shows her engagement in addressing social and political surrounding her. Her education in art and textile reflects in her unique style of incorporating weaving with cut out paper creates richly textured, tapestry like surfaces.

    Tanveer has been awarded several prizes and accolades. She was awarded the ‘Gallery Exhibition Prize’ and was one of 30 finalists of the Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2017. She has been shortlisted and featured in Golden 15 Award category of the reputed International Emerging Artist Award hosted by Sabrina Amrani Gallery in May 2014.

    In this series, Imrana Tanveer represents ‘young and pure women’ who are promised to the faithful and righteous men in Islam. The visuals are ironically appropriations of the famous paintings of beautiful women from Baroque and mostly Rococo period including the maids, queen, princess and muses alike. Heaven or Earth, the objectification of the woman seems to always prevail. Tanveer deliberately obliterates the faces and bodies of the painted women, making them faceless and anonymous objects.


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We use our knowledge to understand the specific needs of the clients. Our experience in art curation, design and branding, along with the technical know how in production, procurement and logistics enables us to create inspiring and engaging spaces for any interior or budget.

In the brief lapse of just a couple of years since its foundation, Antidote has already achieved an impressive trajectory with projects like the first ever National Pavilion of Pakistan at the Venice Architecture Biennale as well as commissioned pieces for stores in the UAE.

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We understand that collecting art can be complex which is why the Antidote team is available to guide you through your initial steps in building your own collection

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Owing to our exclusive portfolio of artists and designers, we can source original works and limited edition that will fit our clients’ projects.

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