The Ink Project I Group show Sarah Mumtaz, Joëlle Verstraëten, Nasir Nasrallah I The Galerie I January 25th to February 22nd I Dubai, UAE

The Ink Project
Opening – January 25, 2017 till February 22, 2017

Location: ‘La Galerie’ Alliance Francaise, Dubai, UAE

Antidote Art & Design platform is pleased to announce the exhibition ‘The Ink Project’ which will present contemporary works on paper. 2016 was declared the ‘Year of Reading’ in the UAE by the government. For ‘The Ink Project’, the artists will be interpreting the notion of reading and mark making and exploring the idea of reading being a form of art since the kinesthetic link between sight, sound and speech is mirrored by inner sight, inner sound and inner speech.

The exhibition will further explore the medium of paper and each artist’s individual approach to working with such a versatile and experimental medium.

Participating Artists:

Sarah Mumtaz practices in Lahore, Pakistan. She works in ballpoint, printmaking and performance. Her work presents a very personal narrative where she reflects upon the retrospection of society and how it perceives as a whole. It revolves around the deconstruction of the prevalent concepts of beauty and how society makes or breaks a person.

Joëlle Verstraëten lives and works in Houston since 2009. Her work is based on two different techniques, painting, in which she often mixes mediums (pigments, acrylic, plaster, oil) and monotypes. Her monotypes are the outcome of her exploration of the found object. She uses it as printing material to reveal on paper its texture and hidden beauty. Indeed, when she prints, she likes to show what is not immediately revealed to the eyes of the viewer: the grooves of the LP, the design of a flat aluminum can, the texture of a lace.

Nasir Nasrallah is based in Sharjah, UAE. For Nasir, making art is about experimenting with and synthesizing materials, whether they are physical objects, ideas or theorems. Nasir’s work is a highly personal response to his environment, the people and places he comes across. His work is driven by the desire to test new concepts and methodologies and to utilize them to enrich his artwork.

The Ink Project – Press Release