POSITION Collective

POSITION Collective, hungarian based design studio was founded as a result of a creative initiative at the beginning of 2010. Their objective is to perform complex designing tasks by making use of the diverse design skills of the team. Accordingly, POSITION possesses state-of-the-art technical skills as well as a modern approach in all the applied creative fields. With the combination of all these skills, POSITION is able to provide creative services, supplying small orders and complex design tasks alike.

The contemporary design meets the iconic forms of European furniture in the pieces of POSITION Collective. Design The generous minimalism of their creations and home decor products suit perfectly in private homes, corporate and public spaces. The sophisticated harmony of the colours and forms provide us with the premium joy of ageless design.

The design pieces of the POSITION Collective are the ambassadors of the functionality, simplicity and ageless aesthetics. The products reflect the minimalist conception of luxury, which is available only through the conceptual design thinking of the brand.