PCAS – Participating artists


Stand D. Le Carreau du Temple
4 rue Eugène Spuller, Paris 75003

Participating Artists: 

Farah Salem: Winner of the International Women Photographers Award 2017, Farah is a visual artist from Kuwait, currently based in Chicago. Farah has explored many forms of photography, from digital, film to instant and has also worked in video, performance, installation, projection/light and more. Working in both urban and natural landscapes, she uses these backgrounds to engage in conversations with captured frames, performances and installations. The main themes that she explores are social-cultural topics influenced by feminist, social and justice theories, and existential questioning influenced by Alan Watts and Sufi Philosophy.

Farah Salem – Untitled 1 Cornered Series 2016


Aamir Habib: Integrating sculpture with digital media and modern technology, Karachi based artist Aamir Habib creates bold pieces that are not merely documentative but also aim to connect and process pieces of information from alternate sources with underlying humor and wit. He weaves them into an alternate discourse, exposing the anxiety that surrounds such decisions but at the same time it is essential for the installations to be unambiguous so viewers are in direct communication with the artist’s thought process.

Aamir Habib – V2 2016


Idrees Hanif: Based in Lahore, Pakistan, Idrees works in with the medium of sculpture and deploys transformation as the main visual element in his practice, using a variety of materials like cement, wood, metal, to put across this objective.

Exploring and fusing the relationship between art and life and reality and intention, Idrees’ work mirrors or imitates reality. In his words, “I am not making sculptures, I’m re-making reality.”

Idrees Hanif – A dream which slept for too long 2016


 Ibrahim Quraishi:

Born in Nairobi, Kenya to a Yemeni father and Uzbek mother in 1973, Ibrahim Quraishi currently lives and works in Berlin. Considered as one of the top most 50 exciting artists in Europe right now, according to Artnet survey of 2017, Ibrahim Quraishi is a visual artist whose work includes different mediums; photography, photo painting, film, video and performance installation. Defined by a nomadic existence and dividing his time in multiple cities between Europe & the Middle East, Ibrahim Quraishi consciously examines the dynamics of migration, dispossession and cohabitation within the highly rigid socio-political spheres of imagined communities inside the contours of the visual arts context, while freely playing with the tensions between the complexity of the real and our longing for simplicity.

M Portrait (2016)