Joëlle Verstraeten I “Color Re-mix”, Galerie Natalia Gomendio I 12.06.15 – 11.07.15 I Paris

Gomendio-Joelle-Verstraeten“Color Re-mix” by Joëlle Verstraeten & Lizadie Taste. June 12 – July 11 2015 @ galerie Natalia Gomendio, Paris, France

Joëlle Verstraeten, Belgian artist, established in Houston, works in monorpint and drawing from music supports, microgrooves or scores, until the abstraction. In duet with the composer and the Italian pianist Tiziana de Carolis, she has created a spectacular work that re-transcribes visually a whole fugue of Bach: the fugue X of the 1st volume of the “well moderated Harpsichord “!

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